Deliver the needed amount of presents for each house. Rudolph and Santa will both collect presents, but you must guide Santa near the chimney so he can drop the presents. Avoid the ground (in normal & hard mode the other reindeer too) and other obstacles.

  • Controls:

    • Turn - Left & Right arrows
    • Retry - R
    • Fullscreen - F
    • Pause - P
    • Sounds - S
    • Music - M

Known problems: Lights don't seem to be working on Safari. Try Firefox or Chrome or download the MacOS version below


Download 19 MB

Development log


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This was a great little game to tide us Chrimbo-crazed gamers over the holiday season! I only really delved into the "easy" levels, but I'll probably hop into normal and hard over the next couple of days to test my sobriety.

All in all an awesome puzzle game, and I hope to see more awesomeness from you in the future! Keep up the (you guessed it) awesome work! =)


Fun game! Reminds me of piloting Super Sheep. I didn't read the instructions carefully and it took me a while to realize I had to pick up presents off the ground.